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Meal prepping plays such a big role if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. If you prepare your meals in advance, you are less likely to cheat. For this week I opted to make  simple yet tasty dishes.



I decided to change my recipe a bit from my usual  grilled chicken brown rice combo. Bought Turkey Sausage from SnR and wanted to pair it up with kamote and veggies and honey garlic shrimp with broccoli and brown rice.

IMG_0244 copy

Also bought fruits that I had cut and placed in tupperwares so I have snacks for when I’m hungry! You must always prepare snacks as well to avoid binging on bad food.

Honey Garlic Shrimp


– 1/4 cup of Organic  soy sauce
-2 cloves of minced garlic
– 1/3 cup of Honey or Agave Sugar
– 1 teaspoon minced ginger ( optional )
-half a kilo of  uncooked shrimp
– pinch of salt and pepper


1. Mix together  the honey, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger  in a bowl.

2. Add shrimp in a ziploc and place half of the marinade in. Refrigerate for an hour to marinate.

3. Add olive oil in skillet. Cook shrimp on one side — for a minute each then flip shrimp over.

4.Add in remaining marinade.

5.Serve shrimp with sauce over brown rice and vegetables on the side.


You can watch the video here:


ST. JAMES BAZAAR 2016: The Largest Bazaar in Alabang


Did you know? The Saint James Bazaar has been happing yearly for about 25 years now? YES, TWENTY-FIVE! It is considered the biggest bazaar in the south with around 500 concessionaires in Cuenca Community Park. What makes this bazaar extra special is that all the funds they earn goes to a good cause. Yay!


I have been constantly present at the bazaar for about 10 years now. My Momma Bear has a stall there everywhere so I try to go and support her when I can. This year, I decided to document it via video to show you guys all the cool stuff I found at the bazaar.


We went around for hours and it can get quite hot so be sure to wear something breezy!



Our favorite stall has got to be this alcohol shop that serves unique flavors of lambanog and wine! Got some as pasalubong for Jason’s parents.

More stores can be seen at my video below and check out some of the items I bought! 🙂





Jason and I had a free day from work and basketball practice. We haven’t gone on a trip in a while so I really wanted to do something different! Luckily, my driver was free on that day so my parents allowed me to use him! ( Thank you parentals )



Being the creature of habit that I am, I decided to go to a place that i’m quite familiar with. Laiya White Cove  which is a private beach situated in San Juan Batangas ( about a 2 hour drive from Alabang )


Jason and my Driver, Mang Roel


I decided to document our trip and I tried my best to vlog. Hopefully you guys enjoy this video!  🙂


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D.I.Y. POKE: My Favorite POKE Bowls



As I am constantly on the lookout for healthy spots to check out, I’m so glad that Poke Bowls are finally a thing in Manila! Poke is a famous Hawaiian dish that has been a staple in their homes for centuries now. Poke means “to cut” which explains the cubed raw fish found in this dish.



IMG_1054 copy.jpg

I was so ecstatic when I found out that D.I.Y. POKE was opening right outside my village! They are the first in the Philippines to solely focus on Poke Bowls and what makes it extra special is the fact that you can choose to even customize your own dish! Other restaurants in the Philippines have tried to join in the Poke Trend but have failed to execute it as well as D.I.Y. Poke.


A traditional Poke Bowl consists of raw fish ( ahi tuna or yellow fin tuna ), seaweed ( hijiki or wakame ), white rice, sesame oil, onions, sesame seeds and soy sauce. 

In D.I.Y. Poke, You have the option to choose from 5 Signature Bowls:



The Health Bowl is one of my favorites! It comes with a GENEROUS amount of Salmon and Tuna Chunks, brown rice, seaweed,corn, ginger and shoyu sauce! This dish is so filling and guilt-free! Will definitely be my go-to  post workout meal when I start working out in Elorde in Madison.



The SUMO BOWL is another favorite of mine! I’ve never really been a fan of eel but the mixture of Unagi with cubed mangoes, salmon chunks, crabsticks creates a fusion of flavors that will make you want to come back and order this dish AGAIN. It is served with white rice so this is a dish I will only eat when I want to treat myself or if I’ve worked out hard enough! haha! I highly recommend this.



To be honest, the Cherry Blossom Bowl could still be worked on. It was hard to enjoy the tuna with the nacho chips. It lacked something but i’m still trying to figure out what it is. I ate this at home later on in the day. I removed the chips, added a bit of rice and sesame oil and it tasted delicious hehe.



The California Bowl is my boyfriend’s favorite! ( Hi Jason! ) It is a deconstructed california maki made with crabsticks, cucumber, white rice and sesame dressing. I actually liked this dish too, it is very tasty!



The Summer Bowl is the only dish from their signature menu that I have yet to try. It is made with salad as the base with chunks of mangoes, crabsticks and octopus.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can opt to make your own Poke Bowl:


For dessert, I tried the Seaweed Flavored Ice cream – Php 150


A bit pricey but it is delicious! The base of the ice cream is similar to that of green tea with a hint of seaweed.  Very creamy texture but I would order this again.


So what are you waiting for? Come on over to the South and visit D.I.Y. Poke! You really do get your moneys worth! and while you are in the area, why not visit my mom’s shop, La Casita, as well? ( Shameless plug hahaha! )



2/F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills, Cupang, Muntinlupa
(0995) 473-6224

Cheat Meal of the Week: Morganfield’s Mall of Asia



P1020742 copy

P1020752 copy

I decided to dedicate a section of my  blog to Cheat Meals. As I have mentioned before, cheat meals can actually be beneficial for you. When you eat healthy and when you eat the same thing everyday, your body gets so used to it. Cheat meals can be used as motivation as well. It can also boost your metabolism. But take note, cheat MEAL not a cheat day. I also have to note that you must have “SMART” cheat meals. It still has to be in moderation.

What could be better than to have the biggest and juiciest pork ribs in town as my cheat meal for the week?  I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the opening of Morganfield’s in Mall Of Asia! I’m not much of a meat or pork eater in general, but my tastebuds were in awe with how juicy their ribs taste!

P1020764 copy

We started with  the Crab and Spinach Dip priced at Php 345.The dip consisted of crab meat, spinach and parmesan perfectly infused together. I loved it! ( I love anything with cheese )

DSCF5197 copy

Morganfield’s is known for their “Sticky Bones”, which is made of prime pork rib that is slowly baked and smoked to perfection. It comes in four flavors: Hickory BBQ, Garlicky BBQ, Smoked Peppercorn and Spicy Asian BBQ.

P1020847 copyP1020832 copy

We ordered the Ribs Samplers ( Php 3,295 ) which is good for 3 – 4 people. ( We couldn’t finish it!! ) It comes with Three flavourful half-slab ribs, Grilled Footlong Farmer’s Bratwurst Sausage, garden salad, corn on the cob, french fries and corn bread.

Out of all the ribs, my personal favorite was the smoked peppercorn spare ribs. The meat was so tender that it would easily slide off the bone. I enjoyed eating it together with the corn bread!

P1020778 copy

Begonia ( Php 175 )

We were also served chilled coolers to go together with our filling meal. The Begonia is made of chunks of kiwi, strawberries and lime served in lemon lime soda topped with passion fruit syrup.


Virgin Apple Mojito ( Php 175 )

The Virgin Apple Mojito consists of fresh apples, lime chunks, mint leaves, brown sugar topped with soda. I opted the Virgin Apple Mojito and mmmm this was delicious! 

Morganfield’s is known for other dishes that I have yet to try such as Bacon wrapped Meatballs, New York Strip Steak, Pork Sausage Platter, Pulled Pork Burger and other porky-licious dishes. That means I have to come back for another cheat meal!

P1020880 copy

Looking forward to bringing my family there especially because the servings are huge and at an affordable price! You definitely get your money’s worth!




Second Floor, Uptown Place Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

Opening hours

 11 AM to 11 PM



North Wing, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
Opening hours
11 AM to 11 PM



DEAR DIET DELIVERY PH REVIEW: 1,200 calories a day


day 1 - 1

After my cheat week in Korea ( I ate the WORLD ) I knew I had to get back on track with my clean eating. Since I had a lot of catching up with work to do, I did not have enough time to meal prep my own food.So I decided to try out Dear Diet Delivery PH!