My Top Favorites!



For some reason, I am attracted to floral prints and to bomber jackets.I chanced upon the other day and found a lot of items I wanted to get! Here are my top picks:

1.Velvet Embroidered Bomber Jacket


I love hunting for unique pieces. The Velvet embroidered bomber jacket from Gamiss caught my eye in an instant! You can rock this with a black dress inside or with a top + jean combo! I also love the peacock blue color.

2. Flutter Sleeve Embroidered Patches Romper



Rompers are my go-to favorites. For a night out, you can wear this with heels and for a more casual look it would be perfect with sandals.





Because I workout pretty often, leggings are a must have for me! I go boxing every morning and a variety of leggings are needed. What I love especially about gamiss leggings are the designs are so trendy that they are perfect for athleisure wear.


4. Fashionable Halter Voile Spliced Floral Pattern Backless Women’s Swimwear


Another swimsuit that could double as a body suit! I love this!! and it only costs $10 ( 500 pesos )

5. Quilted Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jackets have been an in thing since 2016. Love the color of this quilted bomber jacket!

So what are you waiting for? Check out for their Gamiss spring 2017 Promotions!


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