MY FAVORITE BAGUIO SPOTS: Night Market, Cafe by the Ruins, Burnham Park



 My parents picked us up at around 6:00 am from the condo. Slept the whole car ride because I had no sleep from the night before. It was really traffic! 5 hours later as per my mom’s request, we did a quick visit to Manaoag.

 The Our Lady of Manaoag Church in Pangasinan is known for being miraculous. People actually make the 5-hour trip to visit this place. There’s an area where you can light a candle for your wishes and at the back of the church you can fall in line in order to touch the back of the miraculous statue.

We then proceeded to Baguio, it took us about two more hours to get there.


We were starving and decided to drive around Baguio to look for a good place to eat when my brother suggested eating at Cafe by the Ruins.

Cafe by the ruins is located at the heart of the city, right by the city hall. It has been around for almost 25 years! The aroma of freshly baked bread is the first thing you’ll notice when you enter the cafe.

We ordered the Baguio Bagnet with bagoong and tomato relish. (Php 320) Bagnet is a popular Ilocos dish. This was very delicious! It was crispy and juicy best eaten with red rice. So good we had to order it twice!


Other dishes we tried were the Seafood Sinigang, Chopsuey, Tenderloin Tips and For Dessert, Hot Chocolate and Suman! The other dishes were alright, nothing great really and a bit pricey. But I really enjoyed the suman with the hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.


We made sure to wake up early the next morning so we could reach the famous strawberry taho!

Found it! A bit pricey at Php 30 a cup, it was worth waking up a bit earlier for it!

I literally ate the world in Baguio. Got my favorite Cheese flavored dirty ice cream in Pan de Sal for 25 pesos!


This is my favorite spot in Baguio! The night market is open from 9:00 pm to 2:00 on the streets of Burnham Park.

There is a wide variety of street food to choose from.

Puto Bumbong Php 30 for 3 pieces

Tapa with rice and egg ( Php 50 )

Chicken and Beef Kebab ( Php45)

Sisig with Rice and Egg (Php50 )

I ordered tapa, lots of puto bumbong, chicken kebab, balut and sisig ( for the family )

The other stretch of the night market is filled with almost over 100 thrift shop (ukay) stalls! The prices were unbelievably cheap! You can get a sweater for as low as Php 20!

Just be careful with your things though! Apparently there are a lot of snatchers in the area.

Here are some of the items I copped:

It was quite a challenge looking through the racks as it was dark so I was set on just getting oversized sweaters that I can wear on lazy work days and for working out. Got each sweater for about 50 pesos a piece!


We decided to visit very quickly all the touristy spots starting with mines view park.

Mother dear bought lots of plants, my brother took a photo with the Saint Bernard ( 100 pesos such a rip off ), and I devoured some more strawberry taho.

We walked to Good Shepherd ( I suggest you take your car), enjoyed the scenic view and got more Pasalubong!

We then drove to Camp John Hay to check out the outlet ( we didn’t buy anything there )


My brother rented out a house for Php 5,000 a night ( We were there for 2 nights ) as one of his Christmas gifts for our Mother.

The view was beautiful! At night, Christmas lights were kept on and it made the perfect photo shoot background.

We left the morning of 24th so as to make it back to Manila before Christmas Eve. I enjoyed the three days I spent eating the world in Baguio with my family! I do hope to come back again soon to eat more strawberry taho, visit the strawberry farm, conquer the night market!

What are your favorite spots in Baguio? Comment down below so I know what to visit for our next trip!


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