ST. JAMES BAZAAR 2016: The Largest Bazaar in Alabang


Did you know? The Saint James Bazaar has been happing yearly for about 25 years now? YES, TWENTY-FIVE! It is considered the biggest bazaar in the south with around 500 concessionaires in Cuenca Community Park. What makes this bazaar extra special is that all the funds they earn goes to a good cause. Yay!


I have been constantly present at the bazaar for about 10 years now. My Momma Bear has a stall there everywhere so I try to go and support her when I can. This year, I decided to document it via video to show you guys all the cool stuff I found at the bazaar.


We went around for hours and it can get quite hot so be sure to wear something breezy!



Our favorite stall has got to be this alcohol shop that serves unique flavors of lambanog and wine! Got some as pasalubong for Jason’s parents.

More stores can be seen at my video below and check out some of the items I bought! 🙂




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