D.I.Y. POKE: My Favorite POKE Bowls



As I am constantly on the lookout for healthy spots to check out, I’m so glad that Poke Bowls are finally a thing in Manila! Poke is a famous Hawaiian dish that has been a staple in their homes for centuries now. Poke means “to cut” which explains the cubed raw fish found in this dish.



IMG_1054 copy.jpg

I was so ecstatic when I found out that D.I.Y. POKE was opening right outside my village! They are the first in the Philippines to solely focus on Poke Bowls and what makes it extra special is the fact that you can choose to even customize your own dish! Other restaurants in the Philippines have tried to join in the Poke Trend but have failed to execute it as well as D.I.Y. Poke.


A traditional Poke Bowl consists of raw fish ( ahi tuna or yellow fin tuna ), seaweed ( hijiki or wakame ), white rice, sesame oil, onions, sesame seeds and soy sauce. 

In D.I.Y. Poke, You have the option to choose from 5 Signature Bowls:



The Health Bowl is one of my favorites! It comes with a GENEROUS amount of Salmon and Tuna Chunks, brown rice, seaweed,corn, ginger and shoyu sauce! This dish is so filling and guilt-free! Will definitely be my go-to  post workout meal when I start working out in Elorde in Madison.



The SUMO BOWL is another favorite of mine! I’ve never really been a fan of eel but the mixture of Unagi with cubed mangoes, salmon chunks, crabsticks creates a fusion of flavors that will make you want to come back and order this dish AGAIN. It is served with white rice so this is a dish I will only eat when I want to treat myself or if I’ve worked out hard enough! haha! I highly recommend this.



To be honest, the Cherry Blossom Bowl could still be worked on. It was hard to enjoy the tuna with the nacho chips. It lacked something but i’m still trying to figure out what it is. I ate this at home later on in the day. I removed the chips, added a bit of rice and sesame oil and it tasted delicious hehe.



The California Bowl is my boyfriend’s favorite! ( Hi Jason! ) It is a deconstructed california maki made with crabsticks, cucumber, white rice and sesame dressing. I actually liked this dish too, it is very tasty!



The Summer Bowl is the only dish from their signature menu that I have yet to try. It is made with salad as the base with chunks of mangoes, crabsticks and octopus.

If you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can opt to make your own Poke Bowl:


For dessert, I tried the Seaweed Flavored Ice cream – Php 150


A bit pricey but it is delicious! The base of the ice cream is similar to that of green tea with a hint of seaweed.  Very creamy texture but I would order this again.


So what are you waiting for? Come on over to the South and visit D.I.Y. Poke! You really do get your moneys worth! and while you are in the area, why not visit my mom’s shop, La Casita, as well? ( Shameless plug hahaha! )



2/F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Boulevard, Alabang Hills, Cupang, Muntinlupa
(0995) 473-6224


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