My Favorite Dishes from Juicesabel: The Healthy All Vegan Cafe


juicesabel3I’ve been quite busy with work lately which is why I don’t get to meal prep as much as I used to. I’m very thankful that I found Juicesabel, a healthy vegan restaurant that delivers to my office and at a very affordable price!

juicesabel 9

juicesabel 1My brother, Christian and I decided to check out the Juicesabel branch found inside The Collective in Malugay Street for a quick and guilt-free meal!

juicesabel2Juicesabel serves a variety of things! They serve vegan rice meals, vegan burgers, vegan pizza, vegan cake, vegan ice cream and cold-pressed juices!

juicesabel 5

Vegan Burger Steak, Php 150

My officemates know how much I love ordering Juicesabel! I get it at least twice a week. Whenever I order, I ask them to guess what I got for that day. Being the creature of habit that I am, the Vegan Burger Steak is my go-to order!

Since I haven’t eaten meat in about 4 months, devouring the vegan burger steak makes me feel like i’m actually eating real meat. The delivery order comes with two burger patties, so I usually have one for lunch and the second patty for dinner. Delicious and affordable at only Php 150!

juicesabel 6

Sugar Beets Longganisa with Vegan Sunny Side Up Egg, Php 150

The Sugar Beets Longganisa is made with the same ingredients of the Burger Steak with added spices. It also comes with a Vegan Sunny Side Up Egg ( which is made from Tofu for the white part and potato/ squash as the “yolk”).

juicesabel 7

Tofu and Mushroom Sisig with Vegan Sunny Side Up Egg, Php 150

The Tofu and Mushroom Sisig does not disappoint! Another dish where I felt like I was eating real meat again! This was so filling we had to take it home as we couldn’t finish it anymore!

Other Dishes that I usually order from Juicesabel and that I highly recommend are:


The Vegan Honey Garlic Cauliflower priced at Php 150, is an office favorite in the Nuffnang HQ. The  breaded cauliflower, sesame braised kangkong, red rice and the honey garlic sauce combined makes a really savory meal. Gonna order this next week!


Another favorite of mine is this dish. I am a very big fan of bibimbap and tempura and  finding a healthier alternative to it was perfect! It comes with two pieces of tempura battered squash, mixed carrots, bean sprouts, tofu bits, hot pepper paste, vegan egg and red rice. Sulit na sulit at Php 150!

The only downside is it’s part of the specials and they change every week!


Fun Fact: I haven’t ordered McDonald’s this 2016. So whenever I’m craving for a burger, I order the Cheeseburger from Juicesabel ( Php 100 ). Comes in a vegan bun, with a similar patty of the burgersteak and the “cheese” is made from squash and potato. This is so good!! I highly recommend.


Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 2.56.17 PM

This vegan dish legitly tastes like i’m eating Pork Adobo! The coconut gives the essence of the taba you find in the real adobo and the mushroom is quite chewy and really tasty. This is really delicious! My second go-to dish from Juicesabel.

If it isn’t obvious enough yet, Juicesabel is one of my favorite restaurants to order from. If you follow me on snapchat ( @margabanaga ) you will notice that when I don’t meal prep, this is my go-to!! Delivery to BGC is free so I usually order food that is good  enough for two days!

juicesabel delivery


The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street, Makati City

Contact number: 09064683426







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