#MB’s Photo Diary: Baler and Zambales


IMG_9730 copy

I never realized how beautiful the Philippines was until I had the opportunity to visit three beautiful beaches for work last week. Even though they were all day trips, seeing the seascapes of Fortune Island, Baler and Zambales was worth the tiring journey.

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Baler was our second trip for the week and being there for the day was quite exhausting. We left Manila around 9 pm on Thursday and got back on Saturday at around 3 am.




We had breakfast, lunch and dinner at this carinderia like place called Thelma’s Kitchenette. I don’t eat meat anymore so I had the Pako Salad and the gabi in the Sinigang. I also had the grilled Blue Marlin ( Not in Photo ). I really enjoyed it!

IMG_9784 copy

IMG_9774 copy

marga jel

IMG_9777 copy

IMG_9758 copy

IMG_9794 copy.jpg

We went to 4 different locations: Lipit Beach, the Hanging Bridge, Diguisit  Falls and Diguisit beach. Unfortunately, I didn’t bother climbing up the falls because being the clumsy girl that I am I would have gotten hurt FOR SURE.

IMG_9832 copy.jpg

IMG_9815 copy.jpg

IMG_9821 copy

IMG_9823 copy.jpg

For Zambales, We left Manila around 1:30 am and arrived at around 5 am. While the Talents were filming in Capones Island, Jel and I just relaxed and took some photos by Capones Vista Resort.


We had lunch at Capones Vista and I opted to eat the fish with tofu and the veggies. I also brought myself packed food and snacks so I don’t cheat my diet.

IMG_9881 copy.jpg

IMG_9839 copy

IMG_9857 copy

IMG_9877 copy

The last scene was filmed at Zambawood, where they have a cafe that offers delicious food and alcoholic beverages at an affordable price ( I didn’t get anything though hehe ). Jel and I snuck out for a bit so we could take photos by the mini pine tree forest. We finished filming at around 7 pm and it took us about 4 hours to get back to manila. It was a really exhausting week of work but it was fun bonding with the talents, prod team, client and Jel ❤



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