Four Reasons Why Boxing Should Be Your Go-To Workout


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If you would like to get a good workout in then boxing is perfect for you. It is one of my favorite workouts to do and one that really helped me lose weight.  I had a day off from work yesterday, so I decided to head back to Alabang to visit my old “second home”, Ringside Fitness. I’ve been boxing in Ringside gym since 2008 and I consider my trainers there like family already (Hi Obet! Hi Ruther!)

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Here are my four reasons on why I think boxing should be your go-to workout:

  1. It is a Total-Body Workout

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Boxing  targets the entire body. Most of your muscles are being worked. From the warm ups to doing rounds of mitts, heavy bag, speed ball, footwork drills and a core workout, your entire body will be sore after ( in a good way ). Boxing increases speed, agility and endurance as well.

2. You burn A LOT of Calories.

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It is a better alternative to doing cardio. Hello to all the cardio haters out there ( i’m still trying to learn to love it ). Per session, you burn about 400 – 700 calories based on how hard you are training and based on your weight as well. The reason behind this is because it is a high intensity workout.

3. Boxing as a stress reliever.

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I love boxing because this is where I release all my anger and frustrations. I imagine the punching bag as my problem and it works for me! Sometimes I imagine it’s the face of someone I dislike and I end up punching or working out even harder. hehe. Boxing is good for you because it is a safe place to release all that anger you have stored.

4. It Improves Hand- Eye Coordination

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Hand – eye coordination is something people don’t really value the importance of when actually this is what affects our motor skills. This is important because as we get older our coordination to move our muscle groups won’t be as strong as it is now. But don’t worry! We can still improve this with the help of boxing and other physical activities.

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What’s great about boxing is that you benefit from it overall. Physically, mentally and emotionally. You start to build up your confidence, release stress, tone your body and improve your health!

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If you live in Alabang, I recommend you visit Ringside Fitness in Alabang. The facilities over there are great! With a weight room, a room for trx, and the boxing area itself! Look for Obet or Ruther and you will surely have a great workout.

Watch my boxing video below ( I really got so slow I need to improve again 😦 )


Ringside Fitness:

4/f Corporate Center Building, Madrigal Business Park Muntinlupa

contact: 842-7401, 842-7294



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