An Island of Ruins: Fortune Island


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Jel ( my co-Nuffie ) and I had the opportunity to spend our Tuesday away from the city. One of our campaigns for work had an out of town shoot for brand. We of course had to accompany our influencer. This is the first beach shoot out of the three different beaches we will be going to for the week. Exhausting but also exciting! ( Can’t wait to blog about those trips too! )


fortune island 2

Our call time for this shoot was at 2 am. It took us 3 hours to get to Nasugbu . We arrived at Fortune Island Resort which is along the coast of Batangas at around 6 am. We then had to ride a boat to the actual Fortune Island. It  is 14 km away and it took about one hour to get there.

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Apparently, Fortune Island was once a resort owned by former Governor of Batangas, Jose Leviste. But for some it reason it was closed down back in 2005.

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You have the option to camp out and stay the night but the downside of the Island is the lack of fresh water, no electricity and no comfort rooms. But I heard they do have bonfires at night which sounds like a fun camping experience.

IMG_9567 copy

Look how cute these tents are!

IMG_9566 copy

The most popular site and most “instagrammable” spot on the island is the area by the columns. People say this island is considered the “Greece” of the Philippines. 

IMG_9661 copy

IMG_9594 copy

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IMG_9575 copyIMG_9652 copy

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For lunch were served freshly grilled barbecue, tilapia and chicken with enchilada. I only ate the tilapia with the enchiladang  mangga. ( it was soooo good!!! )

IMG_9609 copy

IMG_9608 copy

I made sure to bring myself a snack in case the food was either unhealthy or pure meat. It’s always better to be prepared so I don’t end up binge eating.

IMG_9572.JPG After lunch, we took a  boat to go to the cliff diving site. ( We were too exhausted to do it ourselves) That part of Fortune Island looks so much like Palawan! The water was so clear. I really do have a weakness for beautiful scenery.

IMG_9693 copy

IMG_9695 copy

IMG_9696 copy

IMG_9672 copy

IMG_9689 copy

The shoot ended at around 4 pm and it was another one hour boat ride back to Nasugbu. Luckily we caught this beautiful Sunset before heading back to Manila!

IMG_9701 copy

Looking forward to our next trip which is actually tomorrow! Hope your Tuesday was as awesome as mine was ❤

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