Redefining the Past: The Journey To Finding Myself


Looking back on my younger days, I wish I did not spend so much time caring about the way I looked. I was miserable and not confident with myself. I was teased about my weight and I was the butt of all jokes. That’s why growing up, I had to put up this facade that I was a tough person even though on the inside every comment and every cruel thing a person told me stuck with me.


I wish I could tell 13 year-old me that starving myself, taking those Bangkok pills and throwing up once in a while wasn’t worth it. I wish I could tell her that looks weren’t all that and trying to fit into those skinny jeans won’t necessarily make you happy. But hey, at least I know better now right?


I’m glad I realized ( even if it was later on in life ) that I should be thankful for what was given to me. I believe we should learn to embrace our flaws and imperfections. I’m thankful also to the people who put me down and called me names because that honestly made me a stronger person.

It’s hard for me to write about this as this was always a sensitive topic for me. Hopefully, if I get to inspire at least one person then sharing my story with you guys would be worth it. My name is Marga Banaga and welcome to my online journal where I will be sharing everything with you guys. From fitness related posts to anything and everything under the sun!




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