Christmas Gift Ideas for all at the 2018 Taiwan Excellence Experience Zone


TE Experiencing Zone KV


Every year, you promise yourself you won’t wait till the last minute to do your holiday shopping. But once again, Christmas is getting closer and you haven’t even started. Before you enter a crazy shopping frenzy, check out the 2018 Taiwan Excellence Experience Zone. You’ll find everything you need with time to spare, and your gifts will be met with beaming faces.


The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) celebrates Christmas by bringing top-of-the-line products to our Filipino friends. The Taiwan Excellence Experiencing Zone will showcase awesome brands and gadgets in time for your Christmas shopping, offering you effortless, first-class shopping for your loved ones.


The event is being held at Glorietta 2-Palm Drive Activity Center in Makati, November 30 – December 2, 2018. It will feature four exciting zones including: ICT and Gaming, Smart Mobility, Smart Home, and Health and Leisure. A total of 38 Taiwanese tech companies will present over 90 premium products. With such variety, you won’t run out of gift ideas!


The ICT and Gaming booth will showcase everything from rigs, consoles, mainframes, and accessories, serving to boost businesses and provide entertainment. TAITRA will also display cutting-edge devices from tech giant ASUSTeK Computer Inc., offering the ROG Zephyrus M laptop powered by 8th Generation Intel®, the industry’s most advanced processor for computers ensuring fast and seamless laptop performance. In addition, ADATA Technology Co. Ltd. will showcase its HD710 Pro,which takes external hard drive durability to the next level. It’s equipped with a triple-layered protective material to ensure it withstands destructive shocks resulting from falling on the floor.


New trends and all-terrain adaptability will take center stage at the smart mobility station. Tern Junni Industries will exhibit military-grade, trailblazing products that are specially designed to conquer rugged conditions, such as the Tern Verge D9.This small-wheeled bike is equipped with a polished quill stem, leather grips, and classic silver crankset that makes it a stylish mobility device. Meanwhile, mall-goers will be able to check out Kymco Philippines Inc.’s Super z 150i’s modern dashboard, hooks, and front and rear box compartments.


TAITRA is also redefining the Filipino household through its lineup of Smart Home devices including Tatung Co.’s detachable cook pots, which have ferro-carbon technology that avoids damage from dust, weight, and heat.


Lastly, the Taiwan Excellence Experience Zone will offer its visitors firsthand experience of Taiwan’s health and leisure products.Johnson Health Tech. Phil. Inc.‘sstylish yet functional treadmills –Citta, Elite, and Elliptical –are thoughtfully designed to provide 19 workout programs that include a half-marathon feature. Additionally, Tokuyo Biotech International Co. Ltd.’ssleek and powerful Fancy 2 massage chairsand Departure International Co. Ltd.’shigh-impact resistant and lightweight multipurpose luggagewill also be on display.


In parallel to the Experience Zone, the three-day activity will also feature fashion shows, dance performances, and stage games. Upon entry, guests will be given an opportunity to join a raffle as well as receive a shopping pass with discounts from tech brands such as Tern, Johnson, Kingmax, Saeko, and Tatung.


Also, watch out for young artists including Darren Espanto, Julie Ann San Jose, and Inigo Pascual who will join us to entertain our crowds, while performances from chorale groups will welcome the spirit of Christmas.


The Taiwan Excellence Experience Zone will celebrate Christmas and provide consumers with a vast array of devices to give their loved ones. Admission is free. For more information, please visit, or like our Taiwan Excellence Facebook page.



Health and Fitness

Meal prepping plays such a big role if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. If you prepare your meals in advance, you are less likely to cheat. For this week I opted to make  simple yet tasty dishes.



I decided to change my recipe a bit from my usual  grilled chicken brown rice combo. Bought Turkey Sausage from SnR and wanted to pair it up with kamote and veggies and honey garlic shrimp with broccoli and brown rice.

IMG_0244 copy

Also bought fruits that I had cut and placed in tupperwares so I have snacks for when I’m hungry! You must always prepare snacks as well to avoid binging on bad food.

Honey Garlic Shrimp


– 1/4 cup of Organic  soy sauce
-2 cloves of minced garlic
– 1/3 cup of Honey or Agave Sugar
– 1 teaspoon minced ginger ( optional )
-half a kilo of  uncooked shrimp
– pinch of salt and pepper


1. Mix together  the honey, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger  in a bowl.

2. Add shrimp in a ziploc and place half of the marinade in. Refrigerate for an hour to marinate.

3. Add olive oil in skillet. Cook shrimp on one side — for a minute each then flip shrimp over.

4.Add in remaining marinade.

5.Serve shrimp with sauce over brown rice and vegetables on the side.


You can watch the video here:

Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed. Go after what you want right NOW.

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I’ve been really depressed and frustrated with myself. Somehow I always end up back  where I started.  Every year,  I gain weight lose weight then gain it back again.  It’s a vicious cycle. A cycle I no longer want to be a part of.

I really really want to pursue fitness and nutrition.  I love the feeling of being able to help and inspire other people to live healthier lives . Friends and even random strangers messaging and sending thank you letters and gifts to me  for helping them out with their own fitness journey.

Last February, I lost about 15 pounds in  8 weeks. I was planning to quit my job that time to pursue my dream. My end goal is to become a registered personal trainer and a nutritionist.  I decided to stay at my job with the promise that I could still pursue what I am most passionate about. After a few weeks though, the workload piled up again and all my time that should have been spent meal prepping, exercising and working towards my goals ended in the opposite direction. I gained all the weight back, even more.


At this point in my life, I  turned into such a negative person. My negativity affecting my relationships with friends, family and loved ones. Not wanting to see anyone as I am not confident with myself. Not being able to look a person in the eye as well. I turned to food for comfort and exercise no longer existed in my daily routine.

Four months ago, I started to notice a bit of discomfort in my chest. I didn’t mind this at first as I thought it was just part of my menstrual cycle. Recently, I noticed a distinct pain in my left chest and felt a lump but I thought nothing of it.  I went to the breast center in Medical City last Saturday to have an ultrasound done. The doctor conducting the test looked  concerned with that specific area and she did verify that there was a mass present in my left breast. I started to cry ( I tried to be as discreet as possible).  Results were to come out in 2 days. Those two days were spent worrying about how my life could change by Monday. I thought of every possibly scenario. “Is this Cancer? Am I going to die? ”  I am diagnosed with Panic Anxiety so you can just imagine what went on in my head.  Luckily my results said probably Benign. I’m okay.

Initially I was planning to leave my job by 2018 and to start working towards my dreams then. Something I realized is this: Tomorrow is NOT guaranteed. Go after what you want right NOW.

Maybe finding that cyst was a sign from God to remind me of what I really wanted to do. I am currently trying to find that balance. If it is important to me I need to make time for it. I’ve decided for the time that I will still be working ( planning to resign by Q4 of this year ) I need to be selfish and make time for myself.  I need to give myself a cut off with work and spend my mornings and after work hours focusing on my goals. No more excuses. And even if this is the nth time I’m starting over again, I’m not giving up!


Braving The City: #IAmUrbanBrave


Life was a whole lot simpler when we were younger, don’t you think? We didn’t have to worry about bills, deadlines, and I don’t even remember being bothered by Manila’s traffic when I was a kid. School wasn’t stressful (in fact, it was fun!), and the worst consequence that one may have for being naughty was not being allowed to watch your favorite show on TV.

I spent most of my childhood in Manila, so I guess you can say that I’m an urban girl. I never knew what growing up in the province is like, but speaking for myself, I can say that spending my childhood in the city isn’t so bad either. The city is my own urban jungle. And if there’s one thing that city life has taught me, it’s that in order to face life’s challenges head-on, I have to be BRAVE.

“Braving the city” is something that I do every day. Facing the toughness of morning commute, and braving crowded streets is something that I have learned to accept and embrace. But the challenges don’t end at work – travelling, working-out, or even staying stylish already requires so much effort when you’re an urban girl like me! Living in the city has taught me that in order for you to survive and stand-out in the urban landscape, you have to be equipped with the right gear to help you get through the day.

For my urban must-haves, Urbanize has become my go-to store. They handle different kinds of brands and products designed to provide support for the urban millennial. I’m the kind of person who wears many hats, and I’m glad that Urbanize has something to offer for every role I have!

Marga, the Business Class Urbanite:

If there’s one thing about Urbanize that I truly love, it’s their bags! They offer a lot of upscale brands like Thule, Cabin Zero, and Pacsafe, which are perfect those like me who commute every day. The one that I have and bring with me to work is the Urbanize briefcase. It’s convenient for my everyday work items because it’s spacious, and even has a special place for my laptop!


Pacsafe bags also merit a special mention, because what other bag keeps you confident about not losing your prized possessions in the city? Pacsafe sports anti-theft and even tracking features to their products, so you would have less things to worry about when travelling in the city.


pacsafe 2

Marga, the Urban Jetsetter

The moment I saw the Cabin Zero backpack, I knew that I must have it for my travels. It’s huge enough for my travel essentials, yet perfectly-sized for carry-on luggage in planes! I’ve also tried it on, and it fits snug and comfy too!

cabin zero

Marga, the Sporty Hipster

If you’ve been a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I try my best to stay fit and active. I’ve been regularly working out and did a little bit of boxing too – all to meet my desired fitness level one day. Doing all those cardio and intense workout can be tough, so it’s important to stay hydrated. The Artiart Suction Bottle is my work-out buddy. Keeps me hydrated without having to worry about unnecessary spillage!

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.55.41 PM

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 8.54.35 PM

Marga, the Modern Dapper

Prioritizing function doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice fashion. What I love about Urbanize’ brands is that not only are they functional, they are stylish too! One of my favorite trendy items, is the Tablet Holder by Elecom. It has lots of pockets for my gadgets, yet it has that modern style that won’t ruin your overall OOTD.


If you’re also an Urbanite Millennial like me who bravely takes on the different facets of urban life, then I’m sure you’ll also learn to love Urbanize like I did. But don’t just take my word for it – visit an Urbanize store near you to check their products for yourself!

Urbanize PH

My Top Favorites!



For some reason, I am attracted to floral prints and to bomber jackets.I chanced upon the other day and found a lot of items I wanted to get! Here are my top picks:

1.Velvet Embroidered Bomber Jacket


I love hunting for unique pieces. The Velvet embroidered bomber jacket from Gamiss caught my eye in an instant! You can rock this with a black dress inside or with a top + jean combo! I also love the peacock blue color.

2. Flutter Sleeve Embroidered Patches Romper



Rompers are my go-to favorites. For a night out, you can wear this with heels and for a more casual look it would be perfect with sandals.





Because I workout pretty often, leggings are a must have for me! I go boxing every morning and a variety of leggings are needed. What I love especially about gamiss leggings are the designs are so trendy that they are perfect for athleisure wear.


4. Fashionable Halter Voile Spliced Floral Pattern Backless Women’s Swimwear


Another swimsuit that could double as a body suit! I love this!! and it only costs $10 ( 500 pesos )

5. Quilted Bomber Jacket


Bomber Jackets have been an in thing since 2016. Love the color of this quilted bomber jacket!

So what are you waiting for? Check out for their Gamiss spring 2017 Promotions!

Zaful Wishlist 2017




As I’ve previously said, Zaful is a one-stop online shop perfect for all your clothing needs. Their items are trendy and affordable! I happened to stumble across Zaful’s website the other day and saw a lot of things I want to get 😦 Here are my top picks on my wishlist!


  1. Crossover Back Off The Shoulder Smock Top


Don’t you just love these tops? They can be worn casually during the day time with jeans and flats and perfect for the night time with a pair of heels and a skirt or shorts.

2. Off The Shoulder Crossover Back Smock Top



Off the shoulder tops are definitely my thing! I really do love how they can look both formal and casual. These come in 3 different colors: burgundy, black and cadetblue.

3. Crossbar Lens- Gold


Vintage looking glasses are an in thing again. And since I wear glasses,  I would love to wear these everyday! They look really classy.

4. Make Up Brushes Set


This make up sets only costs $14.99! What a Steal!

It comes with the following:
– Powder brush
– Flat brush
-Eye Makeup Brush
-Eyeshadow brush
– Eyebrow brush…)
8 x Floral Print Air puffs(BB Cream Powder Puff)
1 x Chunky Foundation Brush
1 x Goblet Shape Blush Brush

5. Stereo Flower See Thru Swimwear

A stylish swimsuit that could be worn as a bodysuit as well! If I was blessed enough to be sexy I would rock this suit!
These are only a couple of the awesome stuff you can find at Zaful.
Visit  for more awesome items! Hurry and check out the sale happening now specifically Zaful swim dresses swimsuits 2017 Promotion!
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